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Our Vermont Towns

Country Road in Vermont with FoliageWelcome to Southern Vermont, where each town offers unique charm and opportunities. Browse our 20 featured towns below to find the perfect community for your next home. Be sure to click on the links to learn more about each community.


Bennington stands out with its strong historical roots and cultural scene. The town is known for its museums, including the Bennington Museum and the Old First Church. Residents enjoy a mix of urban amenities and rural landscapes.


Dover is renowned for its proximity to Mount Snow, making it a hotspot for skiing and winter sports. The town also offers ample hiking trails and outdoor activities during warmer months, promoting an active lifestyle year-round.


Halifax provides a tranquil setting with expansive forests and rolling hills. It's an ideal location for those seeking peace and seclusion while still being part of a tight-knit community.


Jacksonville is a small village within the town of Whitingham, known for its beautiful scenery and welcoming community. With local shops and eateries, it offers a quaint lifestyle with modern conveniences.


Jamaica features diverse natural attractions, including Jamaica State Park and the West River. The town is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate both summer and winter activities.


Marlboro is home to Marlboro College and the popular Marlboro Music Festival. The town attracts those interested in education, music, and arts, making it a culturally rich community.


Newfane boasts historic architecture and a picturesque village center. The town provides a blend of historic charm and modern living, with various annual events and markets.


Readsboro offers scenic views and a friendly atmosphere. The town is ideal for those looking for a serene environment with easy access to outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.


Searsburg is a small, quiet town surrounded by dense forests. It serves as a retreat for those wanting to disconnect from the hustle of urban life and enjoy nature.


Somerset offers large wilderness areas ideal for hiking and wildlife observation. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to explore untouched natural beauty.


Stamford borders Massachusetts, providing a gateway to two states' worth of recreational activities. The town is known for its scenic landscapes and outdoor adventures.


Stratton is famous for Stratton Mountain Resort, which offers world-class skiing and golf. It’s a premier destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and summer visitors.


Townshend features a picturesque village green and historic buildings. The town is rich in history and offers a peaceful, community-focused lifestyle.


Wardsboro combines rural charm with close-knit community vibes. Known for its annual events like the Fourth of July Parade and Wardsboro Fair, it fosters a strong sense of local pride.

West Dover

West Dover, located near Mount Snow, is a hub for skiing and outdoor recreation. The town features a variety of lodging options and amenities catering to tourists and residents alike.


Whitingham offers a mix of farmland and residential areas, perfect for those who appreciate rural living. It’s known for its strong community spirit and local events.


Wilmington blends small-town charm with dynamic commerce. Its historic downtown and range of shops and restaurants make it a lively place to live or visit.


Windham is characterized by its open spaces and panoramic views. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a quiet, rural lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities.


Winhall, located near Stratton Mountain, offers easy access to both skiing and golfing. The town is perfect for those who enjoy year-round outdoor sports.


Woodford is known for its high elevation and snowy winters, making it a prime spot for winter sports. The town also offers summer activities like hiking and camping in the Green Mountain National Forest.

Explore these unique communities and find the perfect town that matches your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you are looking for a popular ski town or a peaceful rural retreat, Southern Vermont has much to offer. Contact Deerfield Valley Real Estate with any questions and let our agents help you find your dream home in Vermont.