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Woodford VTWoodford Vermont is a picturesque destination nestled in the Green Mountains and oozing with charm. The town features stunning landscapes, vibrant forests, rolling hills and plenty of outdoor activities for all ages. From skiing to snowshoeing to camping and more – visitors can take advantage of all that Woodford has to offer. Plus, with its quaint villages, rustic inns and cozy cafes – you're sure to find something special in this delightful area of Vermont. Whether you're looking for peace and tranquility or an adventure filled with excitement – Woodford should be your first stop!

Woodford VT Real Estate

Woodford Vermont is a great place to purchase real estate. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant forests and rolling hills – you can't go wrong with the wonderful homes here. Plus, there's plenty of activities and amenities nearby that make living in Woodford a truly unique experience. Whether you're looking for a quaint cottage or an elegant mansion - it's all available here. And with prices ranging from affordable to high-end – you can find something perfect for your budget. Whether you're interested in investing or just need a place to call home, you'll love it here. 

Activities and Amenities

Woodford Vermont has plenty of activities and amenities in the area that make it an ideal place to live. Outdoor enthusiasts will love all the options available, including hiking, biking, camping, skiing and snowshoeing. The Long Trail runs through Woodford and The Woodford State Park, a 398-acre park that boasts the highest elevation campground of any Vermont park at 2,400 feet, offers a myriad of recreation opportunities throughout the year from swimming and hiking to cross-country skiingNature lovers will also appreciate Woodford's stunning landscapes, vibrant forests and rolling hills. For those looking for nightlife or shopping – there are several charming towns nearby filled with cozy cafes and quaint shops. And with easy access to I-91 – you can reach larger cities in just a short amount of time. All this makes Woodford an attractive option for real estate investments!

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