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Need a Real Estate Attorney?


What an attorney does for you.


For Purchasers:

Attorney will

1.      Advise you on contractual issues and terms of the sale.

2.      May help you with some negotiating and maybe draft the Purchase and Sales Agreement.

3.      Performs a title search on the property.

4.      Assists with the property transfer tax.

5.      Coordinates with you, the seller's attorney, real estate agents and the lender (if there is one).

6.      They review all documents, figures out HUD Statement, prepares all necessary documents to close.

7.      Attends closing to explain all documents to you.


For Sellers:

Attorney will

1.     Advise you on contractual issues and terms of the sale.

2.      Help you with negotiations and help draft the purchase and sales agreement.

3.      Prepares the Warranty Deed.

4.      Prepares the VT property transfer tax paperwork.

5.      Assists in how to minimize your land, capital gains and non-resident withholding tax (2 1/2% of the purchase price).

6.      Coordinates with you, the Purchaser's attorney and real estate agents.

7.      Prepares the HUD Statement.

8.      Attends the closing and explains all documents to you.



A real estate transaction is a legal transaction.

Please use an attorney whether you are buying or selling.


Area Attorney's:

Cady & Dugan 802-464-0875

Fisher and Fisher 802-464-3276

Jodi French 802-258-7852

John Marchica        802-885-4300

Lance Shader 802-464-5676

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